About CWU

Cyprus West University (CWU) was founded in 2015, and it is a young growing university comprising of about 1355 undergraduate and graduate students, 60 academics and 20 support staff. CWU is recognized as an arena promoting higher education and learning.

Cyprus West University is a private nonprofit making university located in Famagusta, North Cyprus, comprising of 5 faculties, 3 schools and 1 institution. The university hosts international students from over 54 countries. We value and prioritize students’ academic work over any other social or communal activities, thus ensuring an unparalleled academic facility. Since its inception, CWU has staked its academic reputation on nurturing and ensuring highly engaged faculty and educational curriculum in real life opportunities.

The university’s faculties and institution contribute to a vibrant academic community serving undergraduate and graduate students from different parts of the globe. At CWU we pride excellence in all facets of our work and education conduct and the community. We are proud to be among the fastest growing universities in our region with high quality and professional academic staff who are research-active and at the fore front of their disciplines. Our broad goal being the ability to create exceptional graduates that can positively contribute to the demands of the society. Excellences and ability to deliver is enabled through innovative learning experiences that groom and prepare students to be independent and successful citizens. Our learning curricula embraces modern technologies and challenge students to be creative and adapt problem solving skills that help and prepare them for a rapidly changing world.


The Cyprus West University is committed to providing services to the society with self-confident students and academic staff who have social responsibility within the light of individual thinking and open to interdisciplinary approach also who can contribute to science, artistic production, and technological innovations at the national and international level.


Our university will carry out academic activities with an innovative, interdisciplinary educational design that is sensitive to the needs of the people of our country, with a liberal and participatory corporate culture that respects diversities and beliefs. The information produced in this area will provide the opportunity for our students to receive a world-class education and to have the knowledge and skills to compete in their professional careers across the world.

Dear international students, Welcome to Cyprus West University!

Arriving and settling in a new country can be hard. The Office warrants International students to feel comfortable, confident, and pleased upon their arrival to the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. To get things off to a good start, orientation days are organized by the international office team at the beginning of the academic year to assist international students to feel at home on the university campus in Famagusta. Absolutely it’s not only orientation days, there are students’ clubs and societies, cultural and sports events during the semester. The international office team arranges a variety of activities to guide international students so they can get in touch with other international students. Cyprus West University has students from 20 different countries, which allows the students to interact and know many cultures in one country and one class.

As an International Office, our duties are:

  • Accommodation reservation – finding accommodation, rental contracts, important steps involved in settling into a new accommodation
  • Explaining and helping about visa and residency procedures
  • Advise you on scholarships and external funding
  • Organize cultural events in the city and campus
  • Organize career events on the campus
  • Academic problems of students – to guide students about what they need to
  • Organize Educational Fairs
  • Attend to Educational Fairs
  • Supporting students’ clubs and societies

Famagusta is an amazingly beautiful environment and a student-friendly city. We hope you will have unforgettable moments during your university life.

Cyprus West University International Office Team

Our Goal is to Offer our Students the Best Services they Deserve

Abdul Rahman Abo Jmei / Director