Faculty of Health Sciences

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About Faculty

The aim of the Faculty is to provide high-quality education and research in the health sector and the encouragement for further professional development and lifelong learning of our graduates. The Faculty offers learners a unique experience; innovative approaches to training with a focus on problem-based education complemented by suitable facilities including specialized and appropriately equipped laboratories, where students can safely develop their skills. At our University, theoretical teaching is taking place in small groups thus maximizing the efficiency of the lesson. In recent years, quality and accreditation in health care have gained great importance. Quality in health services is possible with a qualified health team. Because of that quality in education is our main aim, we are constantly re-evaluating our approaches to teaching, learning, and assessment.

Our first goal will be to acquire the professional skills to compete on an international level. Our second important goal is to reach the highest information and put it into practice. Our Faculty is dedicated to community development and various programs are involved in sustainable, social investment and community outreach programs. We educate persons who will offer care to people. Furthermore, our focus on life-long learning remains core from the day learners enter our programs and throughout their professional careers.